Sunday, March 11, 2012

35 Hours: An Experiment with a Far Infrared Sauna

My first sauna
During my first Juice Feast I discovered the benefits of profuse sweating. More recently I've discovered the benefits of profusely sweating in a healthy, more strategic way. My first portable sauna was an exploration. I was hesitant and skeptical it would provide me any health benefits worth my time and money.

I kept it and used it regularly for 2 years. At that point it smelled terribly of concentrated sweat and I was ready to get rid of it. I went several months without using anything when I began to reconsider a new sauna. I heard about the new low EMF FIR saunas and how other saunas may be doing damage with high EMF output. After a lot of deliberation I decided to buy a Clearlight portable dome sauna.

I have used it for 35 hours and it is an amazing healing tool. I cannot wait to try it when I am fasting. In general it has helped me detox and I have felt great from it, although it's hard to give an overall assessment. For instance on my first use my belly button was red and sore afterwards, just like when I had my amalgam fillings removed. I am not able to articulate why this happened--although I speculate it is a healing reaction to stored toxins in my belly button (I had a ruptured belly button as a child). My skin looks much better, but it is still very dry. I have noticed after a session many dead skin cells scrape off easily. To enhance this process I try to do a dry brushing before the sauna and I use a rough exfoliating cloth in the shower afterwards. I prefer to use a detoxing soap with charcoal in it to absorb any toxins on the surface.

I have had an unusual healing experience with my ear. I pierced my ears several times as a child and I often had infections in them. To date I have had a healing incident in two holes of the left ear. On one a stubborn sore stayed for weeks and after digging it out several times, it finally expelled some old debris and has healed nicely. On a milder note it happened on a second hole, which is still scabbed over.

I lay towels down on the heating mat on the floor and I have adopted the advice I saw on a Daniel Vitalis video to wash the towels in zeolites. I use my usual mild detergent as well. Another best practice I am going to use for the sessions beyond today are a grounding mat. I heard this practice from Len Foley in a Longevity Conference video. A further addition I have used and will continue to use is an ionic air purifier.   I am still learning what works best, but I must say this is one of the best healing tools for me.


Neil Dalby said...

Nice to know that it’s working for you! My friends and I visit the sauna at least twice a week just to relax. I must say saunas really have magic! Not only does it relax my body, but it also clears my mind off things that are unpleasant. And, it helps me cut my weight. Thanks for sharing your experience, mate.

Evergreen said...


Thanks for sharing even more reasons to hit the sauna. It melts away my stress and wound up thoughts as well. I grow more and more appreciative of my sauna every day. I think magic is the right word :). I am working on a future post on how much it has done for my skin! Keep sweating!

Love and Blessings--Mate