Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Have a Health Crush

I have been studying healthier alternatives for many years. I have learned from some fantastic people who are genuine healers and come forward to assist all with love in their hearts. Sometimes I've wondered if their love might have gotten in the way of the message--especially when I don't get the message. Even so, I accept misfire as a loving expression and often consider that to be more healing that a dose of logical advice to eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep.  Only recently I've found the whole package! And he's making house calls! Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Detox.

I am not one for reality television, until now. What I like most about this show is it's not a list of useful tips and healthy advice, it's literally a knowledgeable doctor in your house and work space combing through your lifestyle choices and teaching you what your choices are doing to your health.

One of the most interesting tips from Dr. Detox is that during the healing process we may peel back the layers of the onion until we find the underlying cause of our health challenge. It's interesting to me because when people first start out on a detox protocol the first disturbance often sends them into a fit of worries. Many people I know quit detoxing altogether because they ran into a healing crisis or discovered a new challenge. They think detoxing is creating new illnesses! Dr. Detox makes it clear these underlying symptoms were covered up by other symptoms. I can't wait for the next episode!

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