Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spirulina Blue-Eyed Goddess Juice

Coconut Water
I am in love with coconuts! 

When I first started out on the raw food path I tried coconut water, and made coconut treats from the meat (usually a sweet organic smoothie with cacao, cinnamon and bananas).  During these explorations I found I liked coconut--in small amounts.  In the first Juice Feast I awoke at 3:00 am to make a gallon of freshly pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice. I consumed all 4 quarts at work.  I had been Juice Feasting for awhile and thought to add in coconut water. When I came home I wasn't hungry, but I kept hunger at bay by adding in another quart of fresh juice. I made an extra quart with the water of two young Thai coconuts, stirred in a tablespoon of Vitamineral Green or Greener Grasses.  It was at this point in my Juice Feast my eyes started to get noticeably bluer.
Coconut Meat

One problem I encountered (as I am not a wasteful person) was what to do with all the coconut meat.  I didn't know anybody who could use it, and I didn't want to throw it out. So I laboriously cracked open the coconuts and scraped out the meat--to freeze it and save it for when I was on solids again. Now I know exactly what to do with that coconut meat and I've come up with an even more intense juice I call Spirulina Blue-Eyed Goddess Juice.

I've read about the health benefits of coconut kefir water, but I prefer to ferment "coconut milk" (combining the water and the meat of the young coconut and blending on low in the Vitamix for 3 minutes).  After blending I empty a packet of BED kefir into a gallon glass jar pour in the blended coconut milk and let it sit for 24 hours in a dark place.  Coconut milk takes a little more finesse because it breaks down quickly. After a few days it isn't solid like the coconut milk, but it becomes more like a liquid with small flecks of coconut in it.  When it breaks down to nothing but liquid I call it coconut soup and at other times coconut yogurt.  The Body Ecology Diet recommends coconut kefir water or coconut pudding. But if you find you like it another way, make it another way.  

Liquid SpirulinaWhile making several batches of coconut milk kefir I discovered a new drink.  Since it takes a half an hour or more to crack all those coconuts and I've discovered I like the fermented coconut milk fatty, I buy 6 young coconuts per batch. I pour the water of two young coconuts into a glass jar with a heaping tablespoon of Spirulina, Vitamineral Green or other greens blend, then I add one ounce of fermented spirulina. I give it a good shake and sip it while I am harvesting the other coconuts.

Spirulina Blue-Eyed Goddess Juice (Juice Feast Friendly)

water of 2 young coconuts
1 heaping tbl powdered greens
1 ounce fermented spirulina
Coconut Milk Fermenting
love and gratitude

Fermented Coconut Milk (Pre and Post Juice Feast Treat)

meat of 6 young coconuts
water of 4 young coconuts

add (after blending) 1 packet kefir starter or 1 cup culture from last batch
love and gratitude and water blessings

Note: I also tried to add a Vitamix blended batch of coconut milk with a carton of store bought coconut yogurt. It fermented a little and tasted great, but I could tell how powerful the BED kefir strain is and as I am trying to heal at a therapeutic level I will continue to use this product.

One More Note: This may be the only time animal testing will be done on this blog. I must confess I am not the only one who loves coconuts. In a recent development my cat has decided she would like to lick up to 3 teaspoons of melting coconut oil off my finger 3 or more times a day.  I am the third known person to own this cat so I'm not sure of her age, but I've had her for over 7 years.  She has been eating coconut oil for the last two months and her fur is extraordinarily soft. She has always been playful, but her kittenish love to play is showing itself more frequently. And she is very happy. She purrs the entire time she is licking the oil off my fingers.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall's Liver Flush

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The Autumnal Equinox is Saturday September 22nd and the new moon was yesterday, Saturday the 15th. I started sipping my liver cleanse protocol daily 32 ounce organic apple juice spiked with 2 ounces of Body Ecology's fermented Dong Quai on September 9th. In the past I have freshly juiced the apples (sometimes throwing in a little beet root) and drank it raw, however I have not been strictly raw for awhile nor have I budgeted the time to make it fresh. So I buy pasteurized local organic apple juice, leave it at room temperature and allow the probiotics to work while sipping throughout the day.

 The more I clean my liver, the better I feel. Through liver cleansing I have learned how vital it is to good health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say the liver is connected with anger. I found that to be true. I became a much happier person once I started liver cleansing. I also had no idea how angry I was before cleaning up my liver. Before my first Juice Feast I completed a liver flush with every new moon. This year I decided to do a liver flush four times a year, precisely at the change of the season. It's one of the best maintenance preventatives I do.

Last year after my fall liver flush I celebrated living calmly amongst angry people.  This year I am excited to discover the practice of manifesting my future. I was surprised to discover Ted Andrew's "Rite of the Autumn Equinox" in Nature Speak. He describes the beauty and magic in a new and meaningful way for me.
"Autumn is the time in which Nature's energies facilitates the process of purifying one's life and for the planting of new seeds and endeavors. The fall season is a time to determine new values, and to make new decisions and goals. It is a harvesting and assessment time for what has passed in the previous year, and it is a time for setting new goals for the coming year. It is a time in which the energies influencing all of humanity are most appropriate for purifying the mind and for transmuting that which would hinder the full and highest expression of the divine within us."
So, feeling pure from the liver flush I am embarking on a week long journey to plant new seeds and manifest my future.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are You Open to Messages?

When I first found raw foods I noticed after the first few hard core healing reactions that my body felt lighter and lighter. And I don't necessarily mean this lightness was achieved by weight loss. More importantly, I discovered and deepened my intuition--which in turn made me feel more and more elevated.  When I am not on top of my game or when I need to learn a lesson I can back slide into strictly rational, logic based decision making. When I do this I find myself in a familiar old pattern: analysis paralysis. To my knowledge, it has never served me well.

 It's a balancing act for me to thrive with both logic and intuition. As the years pass I find myself open to a lot more messages. My first deliberate voyage into psychic messages occurred this summer at lunch during an incredibly dry day long conference. At lunch my co-worker and I left the conference for lunch in Chinatown and on the way back we passed a palm reading sign. I insisted we go and while my co-worker agreed to go with me he refused to get his palm read (he came to regret that choice as time went on).

The next unusual reading I had was later in the summer while in NYC. I spent the weekend with family and my cousin wanted to go to a transvestite bar because she had lived in NYC for two years and never made it for the experience (this bar is listed in one of those books along the lines of 1000 things to do in NY).  After my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the bar I was game for transvestite taro. My cards all lined up with the life I have been manifesting (career, home)--with a dash of seasoning I didn't order (love), but knew was coming anyway.  This is a new experience for me. What am I supposed to do knowing I have manifested my desires and they are on the way?

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To help me stay in touch with incoming messages I have found a group of books which help me read nature. Even though these books have only come in my life in the last month or so, I can't remember how I found them. I am currently learning from the works of Ted Andrews. At some point I would like to read more of his work and at present I love: Animal Speak, Animal Wise and Nature Speak. My first book was the Pocket Guide for Animal Speak--this is a good book to flip through and see if it speaks to you.

Sometimes it's not the right time in our lives for certain messages and at that time, books and messages don't reach us. I find that pattern again and again as I have bought books which have sat unread on my bookshelf for two or more years--until one day it's exactly what I'm looking for. When it is the right time I am able to rapidly devour the information and greatly benefit from it. I've found I sometimes need to be open to messages finding me rather than I finding them and trying to make logical sense of it.