Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reversing Gray Hair

I love inspiring stories. A few of the beautiful healers I continue to be inspired from are: Ann Wigmore, Tonya Zavasta and Donna Gates. What do these three ladies have in common? Even in their 50's and onward they all continued to retain their natural color--sans gray hair. As I wind down from graduate school I am getting more serious about reversing my gray hair.

What causes gray hair?

There are many beliefs on the causes. Some common beliefs included heredity, toxins, stress, poor nutrition and a natural part of aging. For me I notice when the gray hairs come in it is usually because I am not taking the best care of myself. I have to tell you, at the moment I've never had so much gray hair!

My plan of action starts with More Precise Hair Care and continues with daily Scalp Tonic. I also finger massage my scalp with some therapeutic pressure when I wash and also when I use scalp tonic. One key ingredient in stimulating new hair is mustard oil. If you try mustard oil be sure to dilute it with another oil first.

I am adding in more scalp stimulation with the Rolling Bed of Pins (also good to help rid the body of cellulite when rolled on the thighs) and occasionally I run the Tei Spa Oxyderm over my scalp. Sometimes this seems like a lot of things to do! When I think that I also recognize I am willing to do more. I heard a Donna Gates interview in which she talks about implanting minerals at night before bedtime to reverse freshly sprouted gray hairs.

I tried it last night and I began to think I might be getting either a little crazy or I've just become more driven to have even better health. I once tried Ann Wigmore's secret to maintaining her natural color into her 80's: wheatgrass implants, but I found wheatgrass too strong for me at the time. Perhaps my quest for no gray hair will lead me back to wheatgrass. Only time will tell. One thing for sure, in my instance I believe my gray hair is reversible. In fact gray hair coming and going is a good indication of how I am treating myself and the current state of my health.

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