Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Business of Fast Breaking

Credit: Maxfield Parrish
After a 3 Day Green Juice Feast I broke my fast on a medium cucumber sliced in thin chips and sprinkled with a pinch of dulse flakes. I allowed my body to digest that then warmed a quart of water and blended that with a spoonful of miso.  A couple of hours later I felt hungry and I sliced another cucumber and topped it with a bit more dulse. Finally after two more hours I wrapped up my eating extravaganza with a medium salad, no dressing. I added many water-containing vegetables (a tablespoon each of beets and carrots for flavor) and nutritional yeast. This is the best fast-breaking I've done in awhile.

Unbelievably for breakfast this morning I had kale salad (kale, garlic, sesame seeds, lemons, miso, nutritional yeast and a pinch of Celtic sea salt). I took it to work for lunch and it became breakfast. I ate another helping for dinner and I decided I am going to go with greens for breakfast for awhile and see where that takes me. I don't know if I have a crush on greens right now or if it's truly the breakfast of champions.

I am always delighted by fasting because of the surprises it brings.  This green juice cleanse took away a lot of cravings for things I've been trying hard to give up. If a bowl of kale salad satisfies me more than sugary snacks well then for better or worse it looks like I'll help myself to a big bowl of kale salad in the AM. I amused myself tonight as I made my salad and I thought back to the things I ate as a kid for breakfast (pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese, coffee) and all too often I was admonished for not eating enough. I wondered and called my mom to ask her what she would have done if I'd asked for kale salad for breakfast. She laughed--neither one of us knew what kale was until green smoothies!

Kale Salad (Breakfast of Champions?)

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