Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 Day Green Juice Feast

Credit: Maxfield Parrish
I picked up my second set of juices from New Family Naturals on Friday. On the first full day I questioned myself over and over: Why am I fasting? I had persistent thoughts to eat. It's always a bit funny to track my irrationalities; shortly after the last fast I wanted to fast again and now that I'm doing it, my thoughts say they want to eat.

After not fasting for a period I decided I wanted to prepare myself better for my upcoming Juice Feast and do several short fasts to gain more experience in breaking the fast properly (my biggest challenge) and I realize that short fasts, while they provide this opportunity, are more difficult for me because of the constant adjustments to false hunger pangs that rise in the few initial days before going away completely until it's time to break the fast. For this reason oftentimes it's simply easier on me to do longer fasts.

All in all, this is a unique fast for me in that it is a strictly green Juice Feast. I simply couldn't stand the idea of drinking anymore carrot or beet juice so I called Toya and upgraded my package to the low glycemic green juices. The juices were made with: cucumber, celery, kale, zucchini, parsley, lemon, lime, spinach, spring mix and cabbage. They are tasty and satisfying.

I opened my fast by lighting soy Evergreen candles and reciting Gabrielle Alizay's Self-Healing Flame and another candle to recite her Home Purification Flame ritual. My day goes a bit like this: the first thing I do is take a quart of warmed water with lemon juice and MSM. Actually I put the powder MSM in my mouth and swallow it with the first drink. For me, it seems to ruin a good glass of lemon water when it's mixed in with it. While sipping on this I soak my feet in an ionic footbath. During which I also drank a quart of herbal tea. While soaking I read Bernardo LaPallo's (111 years of age and still going) book Age Less, Live More. I appreciate his practical approach to living a good life. After the footbath I do a coffee enema. While doing the coffee enema I oil swish with coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and read some more.

I've been taking two digestive enzymes before each juice and taking probiotics occasionally. I'm also taking 1 TBL bee pollen,  1 TBL hemp oil and wearing a B-12 patch. I have also been using the rebounder for 15 minutes daily and the FAR infrared sauna for an hour (at lower temperatures which cause me to sweat nicely but not wear me out). I've been doing light housework and school work and I feel great. My goal for this short Juice  Feast is to appreciate my environment and clear any blockages in my home.

My evening consists of dry skin brushing, an enema and oiling my skin before scrubbing it off in a cool lukewarm shower. Finally I enjoy some down time and put on my magnetic sleep mask and take a melatonin nugget. As I am vegan I am mindful to take melatonin which states it's suitable for vegetarians. This melatonin is synthetic however other forms of melatonin are made of animal products.

So far, so good.

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