Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finally--Fuller Hair

For all hair types
I actually have a lot of hair. Seven years ago I experienced 3 deaths in the family in 2 1/2 years. Those trials are what eventually led me to living a (n extremely) healthier lifestyle. That experience as a whole took a toll on my body, mind and soul. My hair was a good indicator of my overall health and the changes I was going through. The biggest issue with my hair was it became very full and heavy. My hair is actually wavy and curly but the trials of life pulled my hair flat. No matter what I did it would not hold a curl.

As I've healed my life and implemented More Precise Haircare techniques, I've slowly built a lasting curl back into my coif.  Last May I donated 14 inches of hair to charity.  My hair was really short but it felt great and was a wonderful way to start over. Still, originally it was fairly limp and I couldn't hide that in a braid or clip. What's my secret? I proudly use apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse (yes, I'll live with the smell). I am using this Roots combination right now and I am very pleased with it. I have not used it as a hair rinse in the shower, rather I add a capful daily to my scalp and hair as a leave in. Usually on one day of the weekend I massage a tonic into my scalp and comb through coconut oil in the rest and leave in until I wash my hair later that day. My hair is getting very shiny, curly and beautiful.

From this experience I've become an explorer with ACV. On Christmas I put it to the test. After a poor food choice (sweet potato chips and garlic hummus--yum, but ouch!) my stomach turned sour. I had to leave the house soon so I randomly made an ACV drink. I poured an ounce into a glass jar with a tablespoon of coconut sap nectar and the juice of one lime. I filled the 16 ounce jar up with water. On the first sip my sour stomach started righting itself.

I decided to challenge myself and drink ACV every day from Christmas through the end of January (for starters) and see what happens. I was delighted to go to my local library's website and find the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar book online for instant access with my library card. I read up on it and I'm quite impressed with its possibilities and interested in the results of my experiment.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Releasing the Unnecessary

This has been an incredible month for me. Despite moving I did manage to squeeze in my Winter Solstice Liver Flush near the new moon. The Winter Solstice itself was spent in meditation, contemplation and journaling.  I had wrapped up the final details of the move the day before and was most interested in resting in bed. There was only a slight problem with that interest: I had given away all my furniture the day before to Homestretch, Inc. who will provide the donated items to persons recently off the street and into their new homes.

So I slept on the floor for two nights until I could put together my platform bed. After careful consideration I ordered an organic mattress. However it may not ship for another month...or two.  I've become reacquainted with the notion that change is not always comfortable.

In addition to releasing the big stuff, I've been slowly releasing the unnecessary from my household for months. I feel blessed to have a charitable organization come to my door step and pick up my donations.  Despite doing all of this--I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I've deliberately moved into a smaller space so I have to find out what I need here in this life rather than what I owned in the previous life. I used to be addicted to "stuff" and now I'm realizing with startling clarity releasing this excess stuff is allowing me to rapidly change my life course. I now have more room for healing, for kindness, for compassion.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Solar Power (It Just Makes Sense!)

One of the benefits of preparing for a Juice Feast includes an overhaul of my current way of living. In the course of the preparation I have made huge unexpected leaps. I have switched to a (nearly) 100 percent organic wardrobe (I'm still releasing old things but not buying anything new that isn't organic), I have given up even more chemicals from hair care to body care. These were not planned changes, but my drive to live a healthier lifestyle offered these choices to me. And I conscientiously made these new choices which have changed my life for the better.

Solar Prayer Wheel
Om Mani Padme Hum
Another fantasy of mine is solar power. I am delighted to announce my first (well second really--no I'm not counting the school-mandated calculator either) use of solar power. Let me start with the first solar item. I've had this prayer wheel in my life for over a year. When the sun comes up in the morning it starts spinning and spreading compassion into my life and the world. It does not store power so it stops spinning when the sun goes down.

Solar charger
Now, for the grand unveiling of my current solar energy usage...a solar charger! Today my solar charger came in the mail and I immediately placed its solar side to the window and charged my e-reader (that purple plate has nothing to do with the charger). For my next coffee enema I will be reading electronically, compliments of the sun!  This model is tiny, it can be place against a window but it also comes with two attachable suction cups so it can ride in the car with you. My first foray into solar charging is for USB charging only. Of course, one day I aspire to greater reliance on solar energy. But I am celebrating my first steps.

I am grateful for my dedication to my healing journey and quest for continuous self-improvement. The unexpected life-changing solutions bring much beauty to my life. With solar power I am going to have to get much more serious in my devotions and salutations to the sun!