Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organic Clothing

Owning organic clothing used to be a far off fantasy. As I have pushed myself with this blog to keep my commitment to good health during a time in many people's lives (graduate school) where it is easier to throw in the towel and pack on the pounds, this added commitment is another juggling event I add to the seam stress of my new wardrobe. There are few organic clothiers in my area, so trying on clothes before buying did not fit into my 7 month slow-but-sure purchases.

I have been wearing predominantly organic clothing from head to toe for the last month. Over a short staycation, I spent a day washing and drying everything carefully, packed up most of my conventional clothing for charity, and then launched overnight into my new wardrobe. I felt gawky and as unsure of myself as a newborn colt.

Over the last month I've grown comfortable mentally and physically with my new digs. These organic cotton and bamboo numbers feel good on my skin. My goal was to have a complete organic wardrobe prior to starting the Juice Feast, I am glad I didn't wait as I am delighted to have the awkwardness behind me. I relish taking another big step.

Initially, I found it challenging to find organic clothing. But now I know exactly what I want.

After 8 months of research, a few of my favorite online ecoboutiqies for unique pieces:

Nancy's Gone Green
Fair Tribe
Indigenous Design
Fashion and Earth

A few of my favorite online shops with organic basics are:

Sierra Trading Post
Fair Indigo
Green 3

GGO Clothing
Sanuk (Organic Hemp Shoes)


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