Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not All Products are Equal (Part 1: Dandelion Detox Tea)

I love comedy. When I was growing up I spent a good portion of my limited television viewing time engrossed in skit comedy, memorizing it or adapting it to later act it out with friends. Yet somehow, I missed this gem. If you've ever been bamboozled by marketers and learned the hard way the difference between the good products and the bad then this Almost Live video is for you!

Over the years I've learned no matter how much I want a product to work, sometimes all the wishing in the world won't pull a kidney tumor out! But some products do truly distinguish themselves a cut above the rest.

When I was an undergrad I forced myself to drink decaffeinated green tea late into the night as I studied. I say forced because I truly wanted coffee and pop to serve as my late night companions. I am grateful I no longer drink those caffeinated beverages and I now have a deep affection for red, green, and herbal teas. My current study pals are: Marigold Lemon Tulsi Blend and 21st Century Tea. Yet at work, I have a taste for something different.

This tea is unequal to any other tea I have tried. I love the taste of it sure, but it is having an unusual effect on my body. As mentioned above, in my younger years I drank coffee and pop on a daily basis, I also used antiperspirant and deodorant just as regularly. Even so, up until I quit those habits I actually had sweat stains in some of my shirts. I know this is gross and what may be grosser is I confess I am a profuse sweater. Of course at this stage I realize only a dedicated detoxer is grateful for this function. But since I have cleaned up my act, my sweat is clear and without odor. That is until this tea. My sweat is still clear, but I am actually excreting an odor. For the past 3 years I have a rock deodorant crystal sitting nicely in the bathroom even though I quit using it some time ago.  Now I find myself having to avoid co-workers up close if I've forgotten to use it.

This tea has given me immediate and powerful detox results. As I reflect back on the Juice Feast it was a chore to get any additional liquids in me because I was already going to the bathroom more times that I cared for. But working in air conditioning does require I dress warmly and tea does give me a temporary boost in warmth.  So I fully intend to continue drinking this tea daily before and during my Juice Feast. 

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