Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taking Bigger Steps

When I took my first steps towards improved health 13 years ago, my big step was to become a vegetarian. Of course I still smoked a pack a day, ate fried food, and drank copious amounts of Dr. Pepper. When I gave up pop 4 years ago almost instantaneously a peculiar mass of acne welts came out in the size of a softball on my back. It was really gross and disappeared shortly thereafter but a detoxing person comes to appreciate and even live for the phrase: "better out than in."

How to stimulate the lymph system
About 9 months ago I discovered despite all my healthy lifestyle commitments I still have plenty of room for improvement. This thought came like concrete to me one night after I went out Friday after work and got home late. I peeled off my tight jeans and decided I was too tired to shower so I crawled into bed and slept the sleep of the ignorant. When I woke the next day I showered and as I was experimenting with the whole body oil cleanse method using a washcloth with organic coconut oil, a few drops of castor oil, and a drop each of organic lavender and geranium essential oils, I ground the oils into my skin and scrubbed. Following the dry brushing philosophy of brushing to stimulate the lymph system, I do the same when washing in the shower. As I scrubbed my leg I  readjusted the cloth and I saw it was blue. At that moment I began to see how powerful the skin is. Although I have no desire to be a breatharian, the skin's power makes sense to me how an organism can draw in nutrients by means other than the mouth. Just look at the orchid and other air plants--no soil required!

In the beginning stages of my journey I focused almost to the point of pain on the one thing I perceived as wrong about my health. Now (even though I still have that one challenge) I focus on what is the biggest thing I can do to improve my health. The first big step I took in preparation for my second Juice Feast was to have 4 amalgam fillings removed. I believed removing something my body had to fight 24 hours a day was the best thing I could do to allow my body's ability to heal itself to function without hindrance. With that line of thinking my next big step is my transition to organic clothing.

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