Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinnamon and Cloves

I've been jerked around by marketers who claim blueberries are high in antioxidants, until another marketer comes along and says green tea is even higher. In every instance there is a chart which shows several common healthy whole foods on the bottom followed by the marketer's food which is blown off the chart. Just like a tasty bowl of SNL's Colon Blow!

So I thought the best idea should be to go to the ORAC chart and see exactly which foods were at the top to consume for potential anti-aging benefits.

Top 20 ORAC Foods
Chart created from USDA 2010 report

I dash cinnamon and cloves on just about everything. I now delight in the familiar numbness as cloves touch my lips. I remember back to my first parasite cleanse on the Juice Feast (an absolute, if alarming success); I believe Jameth Sheridan's products are top of the line. I think no differently with the parasite cleanse, the only problem was my backside burned so hot one day I could not sit straight!

During my first Juice Feast I decided to add a dash of cinnamon and cloves to all fruit juices for continued measure against parasites. It tasted great and seemed to help with times when the full quart of fruit juice was too sweet and also for a variation in taste. One issue I had during the Juice Feast was to make the same juices over and over, for whatever reason I didn't explore as much as I intend to this time.  Using cinnamon in juices has been a practice I've continued post-Juice Feast. I have even taken to cinnamon tea every now and again. Of course good cinnamon is true,  sweet Ceylon cinnamon rather than the typical store bought cassia.  I buy it here, it comes in chips which I add to my French press along with hot water to enjoy a surprisingly delicious cup of tea. Cinnamon tea is also wonderful cold and mixed with other teas and recipes to bring in sweetness.

Chinese herbalist Ron Teeguarden recommends cinnamon for abdominal stagnation, male and female fertility and reproductive health issues, and poor blood circulation. Cinnamon is also well know for killing yeasts and as an antimicrobial. A more indepth look at the benefits of cinnamon can be found here. Like the Juice Feast, in the world of nutrition and healing sometimes the greatest gains can be achieved by the tiniest but most potent changes in strategy.

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