Thursday, November 24, 2011

Practicing Healing Forgiveness

I've recently made a huge breakthrough in my life. It came from facing the challenge of being in an unsatisfying situation. Again and again, this situation manifested into a rigidly tense body where I was either gaining or losing 5 pounds. My thoughts were negative and I often felt like the situation was getting the better of me. I knew to be released from this situation I had to come to peace with it and even find joy in the moment. I laughed at myself for thinking this was possible.

I think one of the reasons my first Juice Feast wasn't as successful as I would like it is because I held the mistaken belief I could heal everything through an exclusive diet of freshly made organic fruit and vegetable juices. Don't get me wrong, on the Juice Feast I had a taste of miracles yet it was merely a taste which I mistakenly believed would turn into a thirst quencher. During the Juice Feast I tried to heal myself through predominantly physical means. I did listen to subliminal healing meditations, but they "didn't work". In my heart I struggled so desperately for them to work, but still they would not remove the boulder from my shoulders. I say the Juice Feast didn't work for me because I did not achieve what I set out to do. The physical condition I wanted to disappear forever was still present at the end of the Juice Feast, although it had loosened its hold a bit.

So here I am again in another situation where what I was doing wasn't working. As I have discovered, sometimes we need to try many things before we learn how to use a tool properly. Now I admit the problem was me, not the tool. So, how did I learn to let go and win peace from this situation? In the depths of despair I found Ho'oponopono. I feel is success with me is because I first gained an understanding of the practice. If you would like one I encourage you to learn more here.

I have found two meditations online which have cleared my heart and allowed great joy to enter back into my life. I am continuing to study Ho'oponopono and I am grateful for the miracles it has already brought into my life.

Here is a meditation a beginner can enjoy.  This is but half of the meditation, but it's powerful on its own.
Keep in mind it's difficult for the process to work well without understanding what it means. For that reason I recommend seeking a complete explanation on how the key words and beliefs of  Ho'oponopono will alter the course of your life.

Here is an advanced meditation to try should you feel comfortable with taking responsibility for your healing and reaping the rewards.

I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry, thank you.

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