Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teach and Be Taught

A few weeks back I presented a speech to a Toastmasters club on healthy alternatives to mainstream choices. I sought to share how to balance mainstream opinions with personal choices. I had 10 minutes to present so I chose 11 fantastic documentaries to cover the facts. Within the last 6 or 7 years I have stepped up my commitment for a radically healthy life. So much so these 11 recommended documentaries were awesome but ones which I feel are more for people who are entrenched in mainstream philosophy (and hence the entire list is not duplicated on this post). I am now armed with higher doses of powerful healing information. This used to make me twinge a little as I would uncharacteristically look backwards with a longing wish. I used to wish someone had come along and shared powerful information with me.

Over the last few weeks I have been a sponge for information. I listened to the Healing Cancer World Summit every night and embraced the surprise bonuses with gratitude. I learned so much from this gathering of teachers, yet I captured very little in notes as I was engrossed in the message. As it turns out many of the speakers gave amazing examples of cancer treatments, protocols, and perspectives I had never heard of before. Beautiful!

I used to think I would never get cancer because I am proactive about my health. The facts are I do not have cancer and I do not want it, so I must educate myself about cancer--whether I have it or not. Many see cancer as a death sentence but survivors see it as a gift, an opportunity from the Universe to get themselves back on track and live a purpose-filled life.  To those people I say thank you for sharing your wisdom so that I (hopefully) do not have to go what you have gone through. The host of the summit kindly provides excellent recaps for each night.

As I prepare for my second Juice Feast I must fully engage in all areas for improvement in my health. As I have moved along my educational path I have realized the great importance of exploring uncharted paths and sometimes seemingly irrelevant topics. I have come to realize I have something to learn from everyone and I have the privilege of teaching those who cross my path. In the last 6 months I have developed a deep thirst for delectable documentaries. Below are several documentaries I believe will lead you to discovering a better life.

Cancer is Curable Now
Food, Inc.
Food Matters
Dirt! The Movie
No Impact Man
Sweet Misery
Stress: Portrait of a Killer
Numen: The Nature of Plants

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