Monday, November 14, 2011

Purging Plastic

I dislike throwing around statistics, especially when it comes to plastic. I believe any plastic in my body is wrong and I want it out. The biggest problem with this is I keep finding new ways plastic is encroaching my personal space. So I was grateful to find a way to dissolve plastic toxins from my body.

I have been experimenting with organic or wild-crafted therapeutic grade essential oils for two months. After watching Cancer is Curable Now and hearing how plastic gums up our system I was grateful for having used essential oils in aromatherapy and external body elixirs. Essential oils must be respected and treated as strong medicine, because they are.  As Dr. Francisco Contreras mentioned in the Healing Cancer World Summit mentioned in an earlier post, whether or not it (medicine) is venom is determined by the dosage.

I struggle with finding and using a great diffuser. I've tried the candle burning diffuser, the electric diffuser but I face the same issue: I must closely monitor the water level holding the essential oil. I have found a new diffuser I think will work great. I am a huge fan of Himalayan Rock Salt lamps for the negative ions it emits to clean and purify the air near me. Now, it seems one will also release the fragrant healing power of plants. I love when I discover new ways to practice two or more healing practices in one.

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