Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Juice Feast (Again)?

My first Juice Feast lasted for 85 days during April through July of 2010. So why do I want to do it again? Frankly, I did not get it right the first time. This time I am going slow, making incremental changes--in fact it will be a little over a year before I plan to take the liquid plunge. In the meantime I am preparing myself physically, psychologically and spiritually.

To get things started right, the first step is to have my amalgam fillings removed this week. After watching The Beautiful Truth and seeing how amalgam fillings consistently out-gas mercury, I felt the need to take action. 

If you are unable to watch the highly informative The Beautiful Truth, the video below shows out-gasing when rubbing amalgam fillings on teeth (be advised the opinion contained in this video is taken from animal testing research--I do not advocate animal testing but I think the video is very important).

I am working with a biodentist who believes in dialogue with the patient and integrative healthcare. What a relief! Everyone I have worked with at the clinic has spent more time explaining procedures and implications than any of my previous dentists combined. 

I am on a 5 day detox protocol before the procedure and after.  I am excited to see what boons come to my health and life after the removal of the amalgams. This is the first step on the path of my second Juice Feast. I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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