Friday, September 2, 2011

Post Amalgam Detox

It has been one week since I've had amalgam removed completely from my mouth. The results are amazing. My eyes feel alive and my vision is sharp. Perhaps my favorite outcome is I feel like I am carrying a third lung--my breathing, even while running, is controlled and my chest expands to capacity.

My body (with a little assistance) is cleaning up on the inside and it is reflecting in my eyes. During my first Juice Feast I noticed I had no dark band around my eyes. They didn't look quite this bad (brown looks like some poor digestion!), but it gives a good picture of my condition. At the end of the Juice Feast a band had formed, but did not complete at the bottom. When I stopped Juice Feasting the band gradually faded.

Now, after the amalgam removal I have noticed the band around the eyes is coming in dark and strong.

Despite following a detox protocol I felt unwell for a day or two--no big deal, it is quite a process. I decided to relax into it and let my body heal. In the process I watched some fascinating documentaries.

The Beautiful Truth--

I rewatched this awesome documentary because it was the reason I wanted to get the amalgams removed.

I also rewatched The Gerson Miracle

And I found another Gerson documentary which really makes me think about truth in health care. Dying to Have Known.

I feel so lucky to have access to information yet I was stunned when I saw how Industry and the Government control health, too. The Corporation.

More than ever I realize how much I need to take greater responsibility for my health. For me, the more I educate myself the better. Yet there is a price to pay knowing what I know.