Sunday, September 18, 2011

Liver Lover

As I sit here and sip my apple juice splashed with Livatrex I am preparing for my 13th liver flush. This is my second liver flush since the removal of the amalgam fillings. As it is coming up on a new moon and new season I am vigilant to complete one good cleanse during this pivotal time.

Of all the healing protocols I have tried, I have received perhaps the greatest health boost by purging my liver. A few years ago I heard about coffee enemas and I thought hmm that's weird. It wasn't random reading. So many people mentioned them I felt I needed to research them. Once I found Gerson Therapy, the originator of the protocol, and read up on it theoretically and practically I strangely overcame all obstacles and did it.

I took some time off work and decided to fast on water for 14 days. This was not my first fast yet it was considerably longer than the 7 day fast I completed a few months prior. I decided to introduce coffee enemas 4 times per day as described in Gerson Therapy. This lasted for awhile, but on most days I did 3 enemas.

I was amazed--for the first time I could fast and it wasn't painful. I felt great! Sure I thought it was the caffeine at first, but after a trip to the hydrotherapist I knew it was more. As I lay on the table and worked the massage wand over my abdomen a portion of my colon hurt a little. I held the wand there until the tiny pain disappeared.

When I got up off the table I saw a big stone the size of my thumbnail laying on the table.

As a child I was forced to eat liver and I despised it. I thought there was nothing worse than liver. As it turns out I was wrong. Now, as a vegan I certainly don't eat liver, instead I love it above all and I am grateful I know to take such good care of it.

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