Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are You Open to Messages?

When I first found raw foods I noticed after the first few hard core healing reactions that my body felt lighter and lighter. And I don't necessarily mean this lightness was achieved by weight loss. More importantly, I discovered and deepened my intuition--which in turn made me feel more and more elevated.  When I am not on top of my game or when I need to learn a lesson I can back slide into strictly rational, logic based decision making. When I do this I find myself in a familiar old pattern: analysis paralysis. To my knowledge, it has never served me well.

 It's a balancing act for me to thrive with both logic and intuition. As the years pass I find myself open to a lot more messages. My first deliberate voyage into psychic messages occurred this summer at lunch during an incredibly dry day long conference. At lunch my co-worker and I left the conference for lunch in Chinatown and on the way back we passed a palm reading sign. I insisted we go and while my co-worker agreed to go with me he refused to get his palm read (he came to regret that choice as time went on).

The next unusual reading I had was later in the summer while in NYC. I spent the weekend with family and my cousin wanted to go to a transvestite bar because she had lived in NYC for two years and never made it for the experience (this bar is listed in one of those books along the lines of 1000 things to do in NY).  After my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the bar I was game for transvestite taro. My cards all lined up with the life I have been manifesting (career, home)--with a dash of seasoning I didn't order (love), but knew was coming anyway.  This is a new experience for me. What am I supposed to do knowing I have manifested my desires and they are on the way?

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To help me stay in touch with incoming messages I have found a group of books which help me read nature. Even though these books have only come in my life in the last month or so, I can't remember how I found them. I am currently learning from the works of Ted Andrews. At some point I would like to read more of his work and at present I love: Animal Speak, Animal Wise and Nature Speak. My first book was the Pocket Guide for Animal Speak--this is a good book to flip through and see if it speaks to you.

Sometimes it's not the right time in our lives for certain messages and at that time, books and messages don't reach us. I find that pattern again and again as I have bought books which have sat unread on my bookshelf for two or more years--until one day it's exactly what I'm looking for. When it is the right time I am able to rapidly devour the information and greatly benefit from it. I've found I sometimes need to be open to messages finding me rather than I finding them and trying to make logical sense of it.

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