Saturday, August 18, 2012

Once the Herbs Hit the Bloodstream

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On a particularly rotten day from work I came home knowing I needed to shake myself out of a funk. I was too lethargic to meditate and I refused to fall into the numbing sensations of food, television for entertainment or calling in quits and climbing into bed. So I talked myself into exploring other actions.

I reminded myself I've been successfully rebuilding my energy with herbs and the day was a temporary setback. As I explored possibilities I dug out another health tool I purchased in my heyday of discovering my body can heal itself. Upon initial purchase I enjoyed this product even though I didn't know all of its possibilities. And I have not been using it regularly for the past three years. Still, it was one of those tools I couldn't seem to part with.

I set the machine for 15 minutes and felt my lower half guided into perfect figure eights--the same technique which comes at the end of an Asian-style body massage.  At the end of the stimulation I felt a delicious tingling (chi) throughout my body. I held still and allowed the stimulated chi to realign the energy in my body. I relaxed into this position without moving for as long as I could or until my feet started to fall asleep.

After this re-discovery I decided to use the machine more regularly--to keep me from settling into any energetic funks and I've incorporated my healing herbs into the process. When I can, I take the herbs and wait for about 20 minutes until they enter my blood stream and then I use the chi machine as the messenger of healing and let the herbal messages land where they are needed most. This is my intention, it's a little more difficult to say what actually happens. However I always feel better.

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