Sunday, April 21, 2013

Searching for My Life Purpose

As I round the corner to complete graduate school and find myself a completely changed person, I've spent a considerable amount of time on where to go next. In all honesty sleeping is the immediate choice but the other day a thought flashed in my mind of sitting around and drooling--and that sounded appealing too. In graduate school I started a reflective blog as part of a class requirement.  In the process this JF blog nearly created itself; an outpouring I simply went with. Ever since I have been plugging away weekly with challenges for growth to build myself up to this upcoming JF. Quite honestly I was worried I would over focus on school at the expense of my health.  This blog has been a tremendous helper in not gaining too much weight and staying motivated to make better health choices.
Birth Chart and Houses
Post graduation I intend to let myself catch up on my rest--but I highly doubt I'll sit around, motionless except for drool dribbling out the corner of my mouth (although my fried brain does find it slightly appealing).  I choose, in part, to JF again for the intellectual rewards it offers; it is so easy to study, learn and absorb. I also intend to continue meditation, deep readings, practices and self-education that will align me more deeply to my Life Purpose and Higher Self. In my current work I feel I have the right skills, education and ability but I am in the wrong place and around the wrong people. So I've thought a lot about what it is I need to be satisfied.  It's that whole getting-clear-with-the-Universe thing.  I've done this in the past and it works however sometimes I don't realize that it comes with a few things I don't particularly care for.  Each time I get closer and closer to what I want so I never consider what I reach to be failure, rather the situation awakens in me a stronger desire for what I actually need and a clearer desire to leave behind the things which do not serve me.

For explorations outside of myself, of course, I've done a birth chart. That seemed to me an obvious starting point. It was interesting yet contradictory. Personalized birth charts show where the planets and other astrological symbols were when you were born in certain houses. I found the entire thing interesting if complicated. I decided to send away for a reading from U.K.'s Judy Hall. I'm waiting for her reading. It should be here within the month.

A more recent tool I've used is the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman's Life Purpose Calculator  My purpose calculated by my birthdate?

2: Cooperation
6: Vision

8: Recognition
All digits have an influence — but the
bolded issue is key to your hidden calling.
"Those on the 26/8 life path are here to work through issues of perfectionism, money, power, and recognition, sharing their abundance in alignment with their highest vision and ideals, in the service of others. Since our life purpose poses specific challenges, the life of 26/8s reflects their conflicting drives and beliefs about money, power, and high profile, and their innate idealism can tend to inhibit the personal power they are here to make manifest. Eventually, 26/8s stand up, assert themselves, and gain recognition within their family, in their community, or in the world at large." [From the Life Purpose Calculator--this paragraph is the first one from his book The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose]
Another clue to the mystery is Archetypes. You can test your own here. My types (in descending order of importance) are: Intellectual, Athlete, Advocate.  In her book Archetypes Caroline Myss identifies the archetypes Life Journey, Unique Challenge, Universal Lesson,  Defining Grace, Inner  Shadow, Myths, Behavior Patterns and Characteristics and Lifestyle Challenge as well as several pages on how to meet your archetype in life and succeed..

This is all very interesting but only part of the process. I find each of these help me see myself in new ways and sometimes provide information I need to further explore to learn certain lessons my Higher Self is presumably trying to communicate to me.  I am getting closer to the finer details of my life purpose and I will continue to follow clues. 

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