Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Day before the Juice Feast

Spring Water

My day before the Juice Feast has been busy. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish in preparation for this JF.  Unfortunately I was simply too tired to do much more than complete the bulk of my graduate work, sleep where and when I could while keeping up with the daily tasks that need to be done. So I spent much of today doing errands and further preparation work.

I did allow myself one "splurge:" a run out to the springs to gather spring water.  This took over an hour each way.  I do not regret this choice as it has been on my mind to make the bulk (if not all) the water I drink during the JF to be spring water.  Also a few miles before the spring was a farmer's market with lots of fresh greens, asparagus and local, raw, unfiltered honey.  I decided to include small amounts of honey, royal jelly along with the tablespoon of daily bee pollen.  The farmer lady had weathered skin but beautiful baby blue shiny eyes.  I'm delighted those un-sprayed greens will be part of my juices these next few days.  

I did not eat breakfast (lack of planning!), for lunch I had kale salad with natto beans and dinner is a broccoli avocado cashew soup.  I make the soup with 2 or 3 tops of broccoli (reserving a few of the flowers to stir in for crunch and to make sure I chew thoroughly) and any leaves on the stem, 1 avocado,  small helping of cashews, 1 clove garlic, pinch of Celtic sea salt, dash of apple cider vinegar, spices: turmeric and cayenne pepper and I blend with a cup or so of warm nettle tea (I make it hot and let it cool down).  I also had one final cup of jing city tea. 

Beltane begins at midnight and around that time I will purify my energy with a smudging of palo santo, leap over the purifying fire, light candles, complete a shamanic journey to ask the tiger to join me (if you want to learn more on this see the gorgeous Pixie Campbell's site), and take my JF vow of acceptance.  Then I am ready to begin.


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