Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1 Juice Feast "Here I Go Again"

It's hard to believe but my second Juice Feast has begun!


Disclosure: I will probably post some rather personal information as the JF progresses. Let me start this out by breaking, gently into what may be be some pretty frank and embarrassing topics that pop up while doing deep cleanses. For one I used to have big hair so this video still rocks for me. Okay that's about it for today.

Today was a day spent mostly thinking about sleeping, sleeping or resting.  I slept in (of course I stayed up late the night before), took a nap and generally rested much of the day I just woke up and I am ready for more sleep.  I drank 3 quarts of juice, 3 quarts of spring water and 1 quart of Dandelion Detox tea. I sunbathed for 20 minutes, soaked my feet in an ionic footbath and spent some time in the sauna.

I spent sometime reading and reflecting on acceptance. I am reading Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha. I was surprised to find a blatant look at how so many of us feel unworthy.  To preoccupy ourselves and avoid accepting these feelings (created from duality) we blame others, "we embark on one self-improvement project after another," "we hold back and play it safe rather than risking failure," "we withdraw from our experience of the present moment," "we keep busy," and "we become our own worst critics." Quite honestly before I read these things I never considered my predominant view of myself as living in a state of unworthiness.  I am still processing this information, but I found it a fascinating approach to acceptance--first remove the blocks in myself.

So far so good.

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