Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9 Juice Feast -- The (Week One) Enema Protocol

Several years ago I had no idea if I could fast. I decided to sign up for a three day supported fast. Friday night after work I drove to the guide's house. She was water fasting for the week but prepared "the last meal" for me and 3 other participants. It was cooked vegan fare and full of fiber. We were all nervous about the days ahead. Saturday morning we met again and began our fast on water, freshly made juice and vegetable broth. During a health chat, our guide introduced the topic of enemas and colonics. I think everyone froze. Wasn't this taboo? Certainly no one had ever used one before. Now I finally knew what that "red bag" was in childhood friend's bathrooms!

I was convinced from her speech to buy an enema bag. Naturally I became the source for a lot of ribbing! In the end I didn't use it--I had too great a psychological barrier. That fast ended and the enema bag sat unused in a box under my bathroom sink. As I continued on with health pursuits I became too aggressive (dang green smoothie challenge-hah! hah!) and detox symptoms ruled my life. However my morning trips to the restroom quickly clued me in on the need for more frequent movements. Somewhere around there I realized I had to just try it.  

It was well worth the attempt and I quickly overcame the psychological barrier. So when the JF protocol recommends one a day for the first week--I'm on board.  Heck I even throw in a colonic when I can too. I can honestly say I look forward to them--no the actual experience isn't what I mean. Afterwards it's impossible not to realize the benefits, and it seems too painful to try and JF without.

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