Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 Juice Feast -- More on Melatonin and Cinnamon

I took another melatonin nugget last night and I feel great today. Melatonin has been my "secret weapon" since I first learned of it when I was traveling internationally. It is one thing which gives me dramatic visual confirmation of its benefit to my body. Visually, it is highly anti-aging for me. I also often took it during the week break between graduate school classes and semesters for a quicker return of my energy and appearance. I don't take it every night but for me it is something I take as needed. Of course melatonin must be taken with great care; it should only be taken when you can sleep in a pitch dark environment.

Ophelia (Waterhouse)
I seem to have gotten over the hump of having a hard time getting the juices down. It really doesn't feel like eating to me so sometimes when I am not mindful of how my body feels I go too long without a juice. I don't feel hungry but my energy wanes and once I juice up I feel stable.

The rest of my day is some juice-powered (but boring) housework and errands. I do have a French press steeping some of my favorite cinnamon tea.  It takes all day (or night) to get a good flavor out of the cinnamon so I fill the quart press with cinnamon chips in the bottom then add boiling water so it is half full and when I'm ready to drink the tea I heat up some more water and add it so the tea is warm enough. It can be drank cold--but I like my tea warm on rainy days like these.

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