Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22 Juice Feast -- Bump in the Road

I can't even be surprised but last night, instead of enjoying my movie--I fell asleep. I feel fortunate my body usually tells me what my priorities are. Last night I was the party-pooper. Unfortunately when I woke up (just as the movie was ending) I had my first real detox headache on this JF. Yikes! I am not a person who regularly gets headaches and it literally felt like poison was coursing up and down my body and was pounding in my temple. I ended up warming some water for an enema and out came (sorry, sorry, sorry) something that looked like broken up asphalt.

In the face of hospitality I try to accept anything offered that is vegan--but still I can't recall anyone ever offering up asphalt. I have no idea where this stuff comes from!  I decided to leave the castor oil pack on the rest of the night and I immediately went back to sleep. I knew if I felt any detox in the morning I was taking the day off. I woke up feeling well enough to go to work.

Walking Meditation in the Park (Source)

I decided a nice walking meditation in the park would suit me so I drove to the park and walked barefoot in the sun for 45 minutes.  I didn't burn but I did stay too long so I won't be able to take in much sun tomorrow. I thought some sun and clearing my thoughts might help draw anything else out. I was happily surprised when I returned to work and discovered I had an appetite for juice. For the briefest of moments I thought maybe this wasn't a good day to see how cantaloupe spinach tastes together (tasted like cantaloupe to me).  I only had 3 quarts today and I'm debating if I'll make a 4th now.

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