Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 18 Juice Feast -- Rest, Leisure and a Nap

Three things I haven't allotted enough time to lately. Luckily they are today's theme. I slept really well last night. I took a melatonin nugget put on my magnetic eye sleeping mask and woke up too early. Usually the melatonin lets me sleep longer than I normally would. I lived in a state of sleep deprivation for so long it's taking my body time to adjust to more sleep. Upon waking I already knew I needed to nap today.  In fact I woke up from my nap a little while ago. I honestly think one of the greatest healing tools is sleep.

Maxfield Parrish
Earlier this week I found myself second guessing whether now was a good time to JF; I can't help but wonder if it wasn't like the ridiculous potato chip craving I had in the beginning or, if in my tired state there wasn't some validity to waiting to start a JF until I was more rested. I decided what better time to heal than on juices? So much less of my time is devoted to digestion that surely my body is able to heal more quickly and deeply. So these thoughts left and new ones came. I decided I am already this far, I'm going to keep going. Besides I am already starting to feel much better--I just look forward to the day those dark circles under my eyes go away.

One good thing about making juices on the weekend is it is more enjoyable because it's only one at a time.  Still, I am working on ways to make juicing more fun. It is a lot of work to juice even if the result is more than worth the effort. It's hard to believe this day is almost over! I'm off to make that one final juice.

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