Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12 Juice Feast -- Farmer's Market, Spring Water and Rest

This morning I was completely out of greens and spring water, so I headed out to the country to change that.  It was a beautiful drive. The farmer's market was bursting with business so there were a few things I would've loved to stock up on (cucumbers, green onions) but there were only a few left. They are so kind, they said call ahead and we'll set aside what you're looking for. I also found out they don't pick on Sunday so I'll try to limit my visits out there on other days to reap the bounty. I would love to be able to grow more things. In the last enewsletter from Hippocrates Health Institute they blazed the trail for me and shook me out of a rut:

"You know how lots of folks cut off and throw away the base of the celery bunch? Instead, you can put it in the ground and it will grow back! Start by soaking the base in a saucer with about a half inch of water for a few days and then plant it outside. Celery likes fertile well-drained soil, partial shade and frequent watering. You may never have to buy celery again!"

Growing celery from the unused base
Many of my lunches before the JF were celery so I saved 5 of the bottoms and started them at work. I don't have anywhere to actually plant them outside but I have them in pots. I just brought them home from work and both inside and outside they have shown a remarkable ability to grow rapidly. I haven't harvested any yet, but that day is coming.  I recommended this to my mom (Happy Mother's Day Mom--I love you!) and she had tremendous luck getting hers to grow even outside in the cool grey area of the Pacific Northwest (in the spring no less! She is also succeeding with head lettuce).

I would also like to grow sprouts and juice those. Perhaps once I get a little more rested I can tackle a few more projects like these. In the meantime, my favorite produce shops are: the farmer's markets, MOMs, Trader Joe's, International Markets for young Thai coconuts and rare nonorganic thick skinned fruits, and Whole Foods when I need it.

I promised myself rest after the trip out for greens and spring water and now is the time to honor that promise.

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