Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31 Juice Feast -- If not Sleep, then What?

I got to sleep just fine last night but I woke up early. I suppose there maybe some sort of adjustment or balancing act going on. Even though I wanted to go back to sleep (I've been such a sleep glutton lately) I felt well rested and decided to wait out the alarm clock snuggled under the covers.  This has been a strange experience for me to have time when I'm not tired or busy. I am taking it slow and I'm more mindful to not create busyness and to enjoy these moments of awareness.

I had lunch today with a group of friends from work. It is so much easier to have lunch with my friends on this JF than when I am eating solids. I really enjoyed lunch today even though I dined on a glass of water. The wait staff's eyes bulged when I said nothing for me please and everyone at the table had to repeat that I wasn't ordering before she left. I don't know if it was a communication barrier or if not ordering is such an unusual event--but I had to tuck my usual joke (they think I'm fat) away for the wait staff but told it to my friends afterwards. Yes, they did laugh. 

Not eating and not being hungry but simply sitting in the company of my friends is such a boon for noticing eating patterns. I've never noticed how each eats (because I am always chowing down my own food). Some were slow and small portion eaters and some were fast and big portion eaters. I think it's possible to learn a lot about a person by how they eat. But my chief discovery is how much you can learn about your own eating patterns--when you aren't eating.

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