Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 32 Juice Feast -- (Un)neglecting My Family

Although my family is understanding and supportive in most of the things I do (I can overlook that they collectively ignored my choice to be vegetarian for the first 5 years) I often find myself playing catch up. I intended to go to NYC this weekend to be with visiting family but something else came up. I wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest next weekend to celebrate a birthday but something else came up. The situation is what it is but in the midst I think I may have committed myself (gulp) to a trip to Vegas this fall. Las Vegas really isn't my city...but if I can make it I won't be going to see the city. I will be going to spend time with my family.

Today I talked to my grandma for nearly 2 hours. I can at least say I'm caught up on all the news! Tomorrow I have to buy those June birthday cards--and hope I'm not too late. 

The juicing is coming along great--minus the sometimes stained fingernails from turmeric (yellow--almost like nicotine stains but luckily the turmeric goes away) and the greens which makes it look like my fingernails were mowing a lawn.

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