Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 43 Juice Feast -- An Interesting Turn of Events

Last night I was so tired I crashed hard and woke up 45 minutes later. Luckily I promptly fell back asleep and slept through the night. I suspect one day this will all make sense to me.

For much of this work week I've been in professional development training.  I'm not sure what my employers were thinking when they hired me but I know the hiring official has been stunned by my knowledge base.  During the break out exercises the groups I've been in have been wrong in their assessment each time. I am a recovering know-it-all (so please forgive this next statement) and I was right--with the exact reasons given for support and explanation by the instructor. This is nothing new for me; people often underestimate me. I don't concern myself with this until they realize they have underestimated me. Oddly enough if I'm not delicate and very humble with the situation it can unfortunately create hard feelings towards me. This has happened much of my life and I usually handle it well. Today something different happened.

On break the my coworkers who are in class with me and were privy to my answers immediately asked me what my glass mug filled with Vitamineral Earth was. How do you describe this to people who eat take out everyday? I said it was a warmed herbal broth that helps me balance out all the green drinks. (By now the whole story is out with this group--they keep asking me all sorts of questions about the JF.) One of my co-workers showed some interest in a green cleanse and I said oh wait a minute you don't want to do what I'm doing! Instead I promised to bring them all green smoothies tomorrow. I had already told them when I'm back on solids I would bring in lunch for everyone. Now they are unbelievably enthusiastic about trying a green smoothie in the morning.

I'm touched and honored by the interest, support and kindness I've received on this Juice Feast both near and far --

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