Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 45 Juice Feast -- Avoiding Bronchitis

Fortunately excessive perfume person was not in attendance today for the last day of class. Still I went in early and negotiated the doors remain open and an alternate seating position should I need it. As it stands last night this infection was in my lungs and sinuses but now its hold is primarily on my sinuses. My lungs don't feel too spectacular but I'm fairly certain I've avoided bronchitis. Although I still have a little extra weight to play around with--I can't really afford bronchitis. Obviously it sucks but I've had it so many times I've lost count and every time I lose at least 5 pounds. The weather is so nice I wanted to come home and go out in the sun but I sat down for a minute and I woke up several hours later. It's probably best I get some more sleep.

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