Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 35 Juice Feast -- I'm not Sure How to Handle This

My new job and schedule are taking my focus to build a go-with-the-flow adaptability. Still, today I found out my co-workers scheduled a welcome lunch for me. My heart swelled with the kindness and my rational mind played pinball trying to find a way to gracefully pass on solids while not offending anyone.

The oblong conference table was half spread with a yellow table cloth and set nearby were matching sunny yellow plates and plastic cutlery. The table was spread with pizza, sandwiches, fruit, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, Hawaiian punch, ice cream and cupcakes--wow, right?  The plates were passed around and one guy declined mentioning his body was not cooperating with him so he wasn't going to eat. The group tried to cajole him to eat but he didn't--he moved away from the food. By the time everyone else had taken a plate and offered me one I mentioned how kind their offer was but I was in the middle of a fast and I was touched by their thoughtfulness. Luckily the other guy took the brunt because I was let off easy--and I had brought a juice.

Luckily the conversation picked up and I had so much fun--these guys are wonderful. I am grateful to have such thoughtful and kind coworkers!


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