Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 39 Juice Feast -- Offerings

I collected more spring water today. For the first time I remembered to make a physical offering. Many years ago I learned the value of making an offering to the source when I am harvesting from nature. For me this represents a moment to focus on gratitude, ask for permission and make sure I am only taking what I need and can use. First Nations have traditionally used tobacco leaves, corn and in a pinch saliva as offerings. Today I took a few leaves from my potted neem tree. The weather has warmed up enough for me to keep it outside (my trigger to remember) and new growth is pushing out. So I figured a few of the old leaves may appreciate the journey.

Neem Leaves

As I was hunkered down and collecting water a woman came up behind me with a plastic water bottle and filled it up from the tube closest to her. We exchanged greetings. Her bottle took very little time to fill and as she capped it she walked in the forested area adjacent and said: "I hope you don't mind but I really need to go." I don't particularly know what would've happened if I did mind because the elastic band was already around her hips at the end of her sentence (peripheral vision is sometimes rough). Of course in my current position I am probably one of the most understanding pee-in-public people you'll run across. Heck, this may even be another form of offering.

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