Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 49 Juice Feast -- A Small Bouquet

African Violet Flower (Source)
This morning I was tending my work plants and as I was pinching some spent African Violet flowers I unintentionally took some healthy ones with it. I wondered if I could save the two healthy flowers for a offering. I rummaged through my things and found a tiny glass bottle, no more than two inches high which I re-purposed as a vase, filled with water and gently set the two healthy violets still on one stem in the bottle and set it next to my computer for the rest of the morning.  It was the tiniest bouquet I've ever seen. At lunch I walked to the WWII Memorial and placed the vase on the column of my home state as a small token to thank my grandpas.

When I got back to work I felt so light. I wondered at this feeling and couldn't help explore a little. I found an interesting article by Doreen Virtue. In it she says:

Healing Description: African violets are wonderful for healers and psychics because they are excellent cleansers of old, heavy energies. They’re great at cleaning spaces, such as homes and offices, as well as your own physical body.
 Message from African Violet: “I’ll cleanse away the old and give life to the new. This is a long-overdue process. I can transmute the lower forms of energy within your body and home and return them to their positive state of peace and love.
 Sometimes the tiniest of things have a tidal wave of an impact.

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