Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 48 Juice Feast -- Lunch with Elvis

I was born (perhaps pre-conception even) an Elvis fan. Today was really the first day I could get away from the office during lunch and go to one of my favorite places--the National Gallery of Art. I've worked in this area a time or two and whenever I was stressed or my brain was overused I would speed walk down to the gallery and take my time to view a section of the gallery. Today I walked to the gallery but instead of needing to be revived by art I sat in an oversize cushioned chair in the indoor plant room ( I don't know what else to call it and my computer isn't reading my camera's picture today) listening to Elvis.

Elvis is my go-to, rarely fails to make me feel better music. Today I had no need for that--it was nice to be happy and enjoy powerful music with no other motivation. I relaxed completely in the chair and when I had to walk back to work it almost felt like I was coming out of a meditation. I walked back slower than I normally would--still holding that peaceful feeling.

Do I think Elvis is still alive? No. But I can understand why a fan would want him to be. He is an inimitable artist whose genius is profoundly moving.

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