Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8 Juice Feast -- Juice Feasting at Work

Juice Feast to go

As I did on my first Juice Feast, with this second Juice Feast my tote is a lined cooler that I think is meant for pop cans (yep, I use the word pop).  I use Violiv 1 liter bottles to store my juice to the top and I place four or five ice packs strategically around the 4 liters of juice. In the outside flap I store Andreas Hemp Oil and a bottle of marine phytoplankton (best taken diluted with a mouthful of juice). I use this to take my juices on the go, as needed. I am not one to hide the fact that I am Juice Feasting but I don't necessarily advertise it at work either. This to go kit supports me either way.

The first JF I completed while working in a conservative government organization and I got a few funny looks when I rinsed the bottles out at the sink, but nobody said a word. I can't help but wonder if they thought I was a brazen boozer downing 4 bottles of wine to make it through the work day! Of course my work friends and neighbors were aware I was doing it. They asked a few questions and just watched me as the days went by. After many casual conversations my closest neighbor adopted a one day a week water fast.

My second JF is a bit different. I work in a broken government organization and so far no one has seen me clean my bottles after use or asked why I'm going to the bathroom so many times! I've told a couple of people who invited me to lunch.  Usually they put some effort to finding a restaurant with vegan fare--which now wasn't necessary. And it doesn't bother me at all to be around people eating either at the office or out to lunch. These people just watch me too. One friend I told about my JF is now talking about being open to her youngest, overweight daughter (the father was just diagnosed with diabetes) becoming a vegetarian even though until recently she has denied her oldest daughter that same expressed choice.

It is not easy working for the government. One of the things that keeps me going amidst the trials is my ability to model other ways of being. The part I enjoy the most in this is the dialogue changing from status quo to an openness to explore different pathways. To see others empower themselves with better health choices is a rare but wonderful reward..

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