Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28 Juice Feast -- Another Massage

As I finish off the last day of a long weekend I've noticed life is starting to pick up speed.  One thing I remember during the first JF was the first month felt like I was running the entire time. I do get so much done on a JF but I still feel myself pulling back on the reins and trying to enjoy every moment. Today I scheduled in a nice treat--a full body massage and skin scrub. Maybe it's all the sleep and glorious naps (seriously Grandpa I totally get why you took regular naps after you retired--and thanks for not making me take them when I was old enough to not know better) I've taken this weekend but I had no tension today on the massage table.

During my first JF I was completely renewed by massage and now I feel good but not much different. Perhaps my body is catching up to feeling great all the time. I am feeling better with each day--I even felt like running today. I didn't run but found it interesting my desire to had returned.

 Juicing and peeing--that's still about the rest of it.

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