Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 5 Juice Feast -- What I'm Doing the Same (pt. 1)

Of course I poured over the Rainoshek's site and watched several of their videos.  I also watched these talks and tips on Juice Feasting here and here. These people glow! I have never met them or seen them in person but I have admired how their glow comes through on camera and photos. It gives me a good sense of how the juice feast works. With other health promoters, often times you have to see them in person or experience their presence before seeing their level of development.
From their website they give a fundamental meaning to Juice Feasting:

Juice Feasting is, at its heart, about self-empowerment and abundance. 

Besides getting reacquainted with the protocol my similarities to my first JF are:

  • Peeing, peeing and more peeing. The first JF frustrated me with the number of times I had to go to the bathroom. Especially at work, worrying about traffic (seriously you have to plan your liquids and fiber into your commute around here) and even while sleeping. I almost never get up during the night to go to the bathroom--not so true now though.
  • Detox footpatches. I've found the concept fascinating--a simple way to pull out toxins from the feet. These were one of the things I started using around 6 years ago when I started out (slowly) on regaining my health. I have found success with them although nowadays I typically only use them (when I remember) on fasts or deep cleanses. Right now I'm using this one. This is another tool I use to tell how much I am cleaning. They are usually very dark in the beginning and like the ionic footbath they fade as the JF goes on. The picture here is what they look like after they've been on all night. A good foot scrubbing with soap is needed to get this gunk off the bottom of your feet. My feet are one of the places I still regularly clean with soap.
  • Not worrying about cleaning the house. Ok, this isn't such a positive one but I figure with time I will work this one in too.  There is a rhythm that comes with juice feasting and I'll get it. In the meantime I dabble here and there, but I would love a sparkling clean house!
  • 3 to 4 quarts of freshly made organic fruit and vegetable juices.  I've changed the types of juices I'm drinking to a degree--because over time I've learned to like green juices more than fruit juices. 
  • Drinking herbal tea. I am big on herbal tea. In undergrad while studying late into the night I trained myself off coffee and onto decaffeinated green tea with honey. Over time I weaned myself off the honey. Now I do herbal teas all day at work and while I am studying or reading.

It's not nearly as gorgeous out today as it was yesterday, but I still need to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Today I'm going to take a nice walk. I keep my door cracked (with screen door shut--the flies are already out) most of the day and if the weather permits, into the night to let in fresh air. Along with my ionic air purifiers and houseplants it helps keep the air nice in here. This morning my face was looking a little worse for the wear, sometimes detoxing will do that, so I put on a face mask and it's time to remove it--this one dries awfully quick.


Courtney Pool said...

Congratulations on 5 days! I'm a Juice Feasting Coach and have been friends with David and Katrina for a long time and can tell you, they DO glow in person like they do on videos - even more so, in fact!

Evergreen said...


Thanks for sharing! I can't imagine what they look like in person if they glow even more than on video and in pictures. I am a big fan of you and the Rainosheks. Thanks for inspiring me and leading the way to glowing health.

Love and blessings!