Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11 Juice Feast -- Genius Workshop

I just got home; I spent all day in a wonderful workshop. It will take me awhile to think through and assimilate all the wisdom I was exposed to today. The last point Michael Meade, the storyteller scholar made before lunch was--don't eat too much so that when you come back you'll have room for the information. Of course today I was 100% on board but I love this notion to consider before all solid meals!

I've been doing very well on this JF--I'm up to 4 juices a day. Right from the start I have been drinking 3 green juices a day with only a couple of exceptions. One day I ran out of celery (the one mandatory daily vegetable) and that evening I had to take a small helping of Celtic sea salt.  In the grand scheme of things so far, so good.

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