Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 Juice Feast -- Does that Smell Funny to You?

Day 2 included a trip into the District for another job interview.  More than anything I would like to upgrade my current work choice. I did not lug my juices downtown as I have been making them as I go at home in the Vitamix and straining through a nut milk bag. When I start packing my juices for work or other all day activities I will use my juicer--it's just too much work right now to set it up and clean it several times daily.

So, I took a jug of water.  I took the metro, which is usually not the most fun--however it gave me the opportunity to practice acceptance.  For whatever reason the metro runs in a series of jerking stops and false starts that usually makes me a little sick while riding. Today, on the way home some guy sat down next to me (yes, there were plenty of open seats where he could've sat alone). He smelled like cigarette smoke, bad breath and he tore into his fingers like a starved man.  When I drove home I could still smell him so I started breathing deeply and releasing more than I was taking in.  Still, I think I may need to use the neti pot tonight!

Nevertheless I did not get upset with my fate, as it were.  I have become sensitive to smells over the last few years but it's more prominent when I am fasting or cleansing.  I will manage 4 quarts of juice today, 2 quarts spring water and 1 quart of liver detox tea. Other than this smell issue I haven't felt very different from normal. As I walked L'Enfant plaza today through the food court I thought it smelled nice and noticed the throngs of people, but I felt no desire for the food. It's been a smooth beginning and I am grateful for it.

Not exactly the new career I'm looking for (Source)

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