Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16 Juice Feast -- Grouchy but Doing What is Right for Me

Coffee Enema Spy
I felt cranky yesterday evening so I hauled out the big guns: the coffee enema.  It's funny how much controversy people feel about what goes up the keister. I do allow some information should be kept to oneself.  Then again how can many of us know the healing powers of alternative medicine if someone doesn't share?  It didn't relieve my grouchiness completely. I've been grouchy in spurts some of the day. I had to take a long walk at lunch today. Fortunately the sun was shining and I felt great by the time I got back to the office.

Last night I also smudged myself with a palo santo stick. It made me feel better but something still feels a little stuck. There are certain times in life when there are no easy answers. This is one reason why I am often exploring alternatives and stocking my arsenal with tools. I'm glad I have them even if they don't work all the time.

One interesting thing about a JF is how it speeds things up--this may be why I'm having trouble processing this quickly. It may be coming at me too quickly. It apparently isn't physical but perhaps emotional. The best thing I can do in these cases is accept and relax into the feeling. By going into the feeling I can free the snag quicker rather than by trying to fight my way out.

I'm still managing 4 quarts of juice each day. I even managed 4.5 yesterday. I'm still not feeling any hunger. I try to make each juice as nutritious as I can yet I think I need to explore some recipe books as I tend to make similar juices over and again. One new leap I'm loving is pineapple parsley.

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