Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 25 Juice Feast -- A Beautiful Day

Today has been absolutely gorgeous. I drove out for more spring water and picked up some more farm-fresh produce. I have never been one to drive for the sake of driving because I find driving to be well, boring.  Today there was enough traffic that I tried listening to music and found it unsatisfying. Lately when I'm driving out of the city I'll listen to classical music because I find it soothing to my mind and it increases the quality of my thoughts--but today is opera day and while I like the opera I don't particularly care for listening to the music without watching the accompanying story.

So, I listened again to my karmic reading from Judy Hall (what a beautiful gift there is in this reading). I picked it up from the post office on the 13th and I've listened to it multiple times already. The drive time, once traffic minimized, was key for deep, life purpose reflection.

I've decided I will explore my first day of silent reflection tomorrow. My graduate school research topic was silence yet I have not practiced it. My intent is to refrain from: speaking, music (other than for meditation or shamanic journeying--but no words) and the computer. I intend to spend the day in silent reflection, meditation, reading and perhaps writing in a journal.  Of course I will keep up with my juices but otherwise try to skirt excessive noise. 

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