Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13 Juice Feast -- Spa Time

I headed in to the spa today for my second JF colonic, a body massage and even a short time on a machine that shakes you up. Two hours before going to the colonic I took a helping of Intestinal Drawing Formula with a warmed quart of spring water. I rubbed magnesium lotion on my abdomen again--I felt so relaxed after the last time I did it, plus it helps soften up what I'm trying to clean out.  Whenever I do enemas or a colonic I reserve for myself some light but entertaining reading.  I've burned through both Tenzing Nordbu books already and I, with my enema bag at the ready, am ready for the third. Other than Dashiell Hammett I simply don't read mysteries. However I'm such a fan of Gay Hendricks spiritual fiction books when I cancelled my Netflix on Friday (I no longer need it for grad school) I subscribed to Spiritual Cinema which came with a free subscription to Gaiam TV.  I love the online documentary selection available through Gaiam TV and in my periods of rest I've see two films already--I am further delighted and can't wait to explore more (the exercise videos are something I must absolutely look further into--and use!) .

What can colonics do for you? Maybe this. (Source)

Today's colonic was highly productive. It's always amazing to me just what is inside my body. Colonics are not really about weight for me either. I did weigh myself on Day 6 and despite concentrated efforts I gained weight in graduate school. I have two weights (I promise not to give my moon weight!), one on raw food and one on cooked food. They are pretty consistently 10 pounds apart. Overall I gained 15-25 pounds. It's all coming off--but that is only a fraction of why I am on the JF.  I may weigh myself and the end of the JF and I may not. I'm not really interested--and it always depends on if I can find one of those precise scales with the sliding measures.

The important part to me of the JF is changing lifestyle habits, recuperating from past "misdeeds" and growing spiritually.  Today has been perfect for that. I came home gave myself a scalp massage with mustard oil tonic and brushed coconut oil through the rest of my hair. I needed a good deep conditioning treatment. Later on I'll wrap my hair in a towel, get in the sauna enjoy a talk on Gaiam TV and get to sleep early. It's not a very exciting day but I'm feeling more rested each day.

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