Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 27 Juice Feast -- The Day After Silence

Practicing silence was much more difficult that I imagined. I started at midnight and broke it within a few hours (who knows what the actual pitch dark time was!) as I grumbled about having to get up to go to the bathroom. I immediately caught myself and stopped mid-complaint. I unintentionally broke my silence several times--maybe a dozen throughout the day and night. Well, it wasn't as if my life was at stake and I had to be silent but it taught me a lot about being fully present in silence. I may need some sort of lip clip or some such reminder to keep my commitment to silence as this is not my natural tendency.

Courtesy of C Nilsen

Silence is beautiful; each moment I listened intently and held a space of silence it made me feel pure. I recognize a need to practice more--maybe or maybe not during this JF, but certainly throughout my life I intend to study silence in greater depth.

In other news most of the excess weight I was carrying is gone. I can no longer pass as plump. This is like most things in life, good and bad. Now I have to be much more mindful of keeping weight on. 

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