Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30 Juice Feast -- Similar Issues Different Resolutions

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep.  On my first JF I also experienced this and I would lay in bed worrying if I would get enough sleep. Sadly, I also used that time to have junk food craving fantasies about food from my childhood. Only once (dang your homemade garlic bread Mom!) have I started down that wrong road and had to work at stopping and turning my speed walker self back to more healthy thoughts. This time around I've just relaxed into my thoughts not worrying if I will get enough sleep or not. Except for one workday morning when I woke up an hour late I usually wake up feeling well enough to get started. In both situations my focus turns to quickly start making juices.

There are very few things I do every day--primarily because I dislike routines, schedules and such. In fact this mindset is how I initially gave up a deeply entrenched coffee habit. After I gave it up in my daily life occasionally, maybe annually when I would travel to visit family I would indulge in a morning cup around a chat but pretty soon it made me sick and I haven't had any since. During the first JF making juices felt like I was racing against the clock. I am working in different organizations but my commute time is very similar as is my start time. Yet I don't feel rushed this time around. What am I doing differently?

Not only do I focus intently on sending love to my juices but I listen to compelling (so far) books and lectures. I mean the stuff that is so good I'm careful to turn the faucet on only partially while scrubbing and rinsing so I can hear every word.  What am I listening to now? The powerful archetypal teachings of Caroline Myss. Here's one gem from this morning about all things in the universe have a purpose: "From a soul point of view, if you cannot see the purpose, your soul is not stretching enough." I've learned focusing on love is much better than fear as is being engaged in learning rather than already thinking I'm late for work.

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