Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Understanding of the Ionic Footbath

I regularly use the ionic footbath during healing rituals, weekend mornings, and to generally feel better. There is a lot of information on the web about these footbaths you may be familiar with--such as this color of water means that, the footbath reacts when nothing is in it, and then there are those (not too) rare testimonials where someone is cured of a persistent health challenge over night. But wait, isn't that a common response for almost every healing technique out there?


 I have frustrated myself to uncover more information but for the most part, all trails seem to lead to the message: come on in for treatment and we'll fix you right up.  I already know for me, putting my health into the hands of others does not necessary lead to recovered health. I can say I have been using the footbath for over 3 years with consistent results.

Initially, in my pursuit of health, I got caught up in gadget mania. I bought every new product based upon it's miraculous results (as advertised by gurus, clinics, and spas).  A few have stuck around and a few have been let go. When I initially used the ionic footbath I was trying to convert to a 100% raw foods diet and I was eagerly trying out the common denominators of people who professed good health. Also during that time I learned to use it when I slipped up and ate cooked food for dinner and would go into a cooked food coma (when I would involuntarily pass out on the couch after a meal--such as a vegan burrito--and wake up just in time for bed). I experimented and found if I used the ionic footbath along with the splurge I was dazed but still able to function. This was proof to my constitution something was working with this treatment.

I used the footbath regularly during my first Juice Feast and towards the end of the Feast the water hardly changed. I have used two low end ionic footbath models purchased off Ebay (neither worth mentioning) with consistent results. For the vast majority of the time the water is orange and ends in black. On a few occasions it appeared green. When I use a new array the first treatment always foams like the internet pictures, but by the second use it is more like debris (a bit like lime pulp after it is juiced) floating around. Lately I have indulged in bread and I've consequently seen new flecks that appear to be yeast. I have tested the footbath to see if it would induce a healing reaction and it did. I used it heavily several days in a row and I came down with bronchitis (in my past I regularly had bronchitis).

I have been using an ordinary dish tub for soaking my feet but I have recently decided to upgrade to a copper tub to enhance the experience. I will also be adding a crystal quartz to the mix to amplify the healing properties.

My current protocol is: prepare 1 to 2 quarts of liquid for drinking during the footbath. The first is usually lemon water with salt and if I do a second it is usually herbal tea steeping while I drink the water. While I soak my feet I journal or do something pleasant. Once the soak is complete I do a coffee enema (the coffee has also been steeping in a French press while I soak my feet). Finally I drink an elixir to renew my health. Throughout the day I will drink plenty of liquids.


Pat Hardy said...

It is highly advised that you have an ionic foot bath twice a week. More than that is not good for our body. Yes, it gets rid of bodily waste, but you still have to maintain a good ion balance in your body. The weekend is the perfect time to have an ionic foot bath to relieve all your stress for the week.

Evergreen said...


Thank you for your comments. I too believe in using the ionic footbath in moderation in daily life. When I am doing intense cleanses it's nice to have these tools on hand to lighten the load. Also--your model is quite spectacular!

Love and Blessings--