Friday, May 25, 2012

My 15 Minute Exercise Plan

I am not an advocate of There's Something About Mary's '7 Minute Abs' or even minimalistic exercise--but it is incredibly difficult for me to exercise enough. More often than not it's difficult for me to exercise at all. On my first Juice Feast I was so unsure of myself that my only exercise was in 20 minute walks at lunch. There was always a concern the blood (not dog-piling in my stomach to digest solid foods) would head-rush me and I might want to pass out if I crossed the unknown line and overexerted myself. The last thing I wanted anyone to think was I was a weakling, Juice-Feasting-vegan. Most of those who are aware when I am Juice Feasting support me, but because this approach can seem so extreme to the mainstream there is a tendency to overreact and blast me with negatives to cease immediately if something seems to go wrong.

I have been working on living up to this commitment for two months. It's my 15 minute exercise plan. I have a rebounder which I LOVE. When I am bouncing on it--I truly enjoy it and typically want to continue on. One problem I have developed from lack of exercise is I no longer know my limits. So I might be having so much fun exercising or hiking that I go beyond what I can expend in energy. The next thing I know I am too tired to do what I must accomplish. I recognize there is a point this feeling must be lived with to overcome my current exercise endurance limitations but as much as I love organizing and planning I have not successfully climbed this hurdle.

My workout typically starts after I get home from work (when I usually don't want to do anything; in fact I am thinking about rearranging this time for meditation and transition with a clear mind into school work). I come home, (sometimes I do a coffee enema), wash my face and change into some workout clothing. I then take my rebounder outside into my postage stamp sized back yard. As it has been a sunny spring I usually face the sun, turn on my MP3 player (pick out 5 songs), watch my happy cat snack on some grass--and bounce. After 15 minutes I gingerly step off the rebounder and make my way over to my garden and ground my bare feet. It is magnificent.

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