Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Fasting...

With the Juice Feast coming closer and closer (I am undecided on the actual start date but it will be sometime this Spring or Summer) I wanted to get in the swing of fasting. I am in my last course for graduate school and it is a capstone class requiring about 3 hours a week. This gives me a lot more time and energy for healing.

As I prepare I feel a bit like Hebert's Amazon Preparing for Battle which I saw last weekend at the National Gallery of Art. I fasted on tea and water for two and a half days two weekends ago, I am fasting for three days this weekend on teas, water, and Blue-Eyed Spirulina Goddess Juice. These were planned fasts. I decided to throw in an unplanned for juice fast next weekend after I saw New Family Naturals Juice Cleanses. I am so happy to find these services in this area!

I've also been reading up on fasting. I'm reading The New Life Fasting Guide and I love this passage:

     "With fasting your quality of life increases, and many illnesses can be halted, even healed. Fasting remains a true adventure in a world where the highest mountain peaks have been climbed and the deepest oceans have been crossed.  On a fast, if you are able and willing to travel, you will discover nothing less than the amazing and beautiful landscape of your deepest self, your soul and a new you will emerge, giving way to a life lived more fully."

Yes I am fasting three short times this month which may seem excessive if you are unaccustomed to fasting, however for me in my current condition it is just right. After reading Patricia Bragg's book on Apple Cider Vinegar and seeing that she fasts one day a week, I considered trying that. So far, it hasn't happened. Maybe in February. In the meantime I am still intent on living "a life lived more fully."

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