Friday, January 11, 2013

Rewilding Ourselves, Rewilding Nature

Proper stance for bowel eliminations

If you've ever heard of Daniel Vitalis you've likely already heard about rewilding. He explains his rewilding views and strategies in two 2012 interviews here and here. In essence he sees the current human race as overly domesticated, resulting in the slew of degenerative diseases we commonly see today. What have you gotten away from that the ancients got right?

What's equally interesting to me is this short documentary I came across, Rewilding Scotland, regarding rewilding nature. Of course the ancients weren't always right (massive deforestation, extinction of large predatory animals, caveman bopping their desired mate on the head...), but I can assume they did the best they could under the circumstances they were in. Sometimes that means we have to question if modern people can work with ancient history to restore our natural ecosystem.

For the bulk of my years I've felt drawn to the metropolitan lifestyle, however in the last couple of years I've been drawn into nature as my lifestyle of choice. In one sense the urban jungle does resemble the laws of nature yet for me it is one with limited clean air, positive thoughts and healthy trees. I am ready for my own sacred space where one day I would like to Juice Feast on vegetables grown from my hearty garden. Until then to fend off degenerative diseases (and rewild myself) I:

use a stool for eliminations
spend quality time in nature
eat clay

Although it is not my intent to revert to cave person lifestyle ways...if that is where all this rewilding ends up, then I want to be part of Atouk's (Ringo Starr) clan. This is a goofy movie but one I find VERY funny!

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