Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 64 Juice Feast -- Independence

Independence is very important to me. Oddly enough 6 years ago on Independence Day I began my explorations with raw food. Of course back then I gave myself a lot more either or's than I do now. I found myself reading a lot about it but I was indecisive about actually trying it. Eventually I got tired of my own indecisiveness and made myself commit to 100 days of it. I did it--and it was an interesting enough experience that the concepts have greatly influenced my life ever since.

From the big picture my raw food experiments have been helpful in that I discovered I was allergic to dairy.  It was amazing how much better I felt when I finally made myself stop eating cheese. I no longer miss it but it was challenging to give up. After that I found raw foods typically help me heal quicker and process the energy from all these scrapes I find myself in--and that I don't seem to have the luxury to avoid.

I don't have a post JF eating plan. There seems to be an unknown--something the Universe may be keeping  a little cloudy right now.  Maybe this is defective thinking or maybe it isn't.  I don't know. For the last few weeks I've been holding the intention to practice another day of silence--on a very important day to me. Silence is rapidly becoming a cleansing tool for me, especially while fasting. So, in reflection, tomorrow I intend to remain silent.



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